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May 27, 2011

DIY Standing Desk – Now with Bookholder

Just a quick update on my DIY Ikea-based standing desk.

I originally used a Bookchair as a bookstand but quickly realized that it was taking up a bit too much depth on the 60cm deep desktop. So I installed a Levo Bookholder and now I can position the keyboard a bit further away from the desktop’s front edge. This results in a more comfortable angle for typing and still leaves enough room for the Luxa2 iPad stand in the spot previously occupied by the Bookchair.

Here’s a snapshot of what the current setup looks like:
Standing Desk with Levo Bookholder

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  • http://nihonbunka.com Timothy Takemoto

    I hear that Dick Cheney worked all day long standing. I would like to try.

    • Tom

      Dick Cheney is a great inspiration to us all.

  • Boxman

    You’re thinking of Donald Rumsfeld, not Dick Cheney.

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